Sábado, 29 de Março de 2008
George Michael no "Eli Stone"

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25 Live Tour in USA


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A futura retirada de George Michael

"George Michael is planning on becoming a generous recluse once his current world tour ends and giving away his music for free. The singer has revealed he will be taking his "25 Live" tour to America this June for his first U.S. roadshow in 17 years.

And he urges fans to make the most of what is sure to be his last tour because afterwards, he hopes to disappear from the limelight.

He says, "I want to divorce myself from pretty much everything public after the tour. In the future, I don't want to be making and releasing physical CDs, and I don't want to be charging people for my new music."


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"George Michael is reportedly heading back to the US for what people say may be his farewell tour. The singer himself refers to it as a “rounding off” of his career’s first phase. He says “I don’t want to do anything on this scale again. No more stadiums. I’d like to be the Tony Bennett for my generation. It’s the end of a certain era, and I’m not sure how much I really want to be a part of what’s next. So, it’s a kind of a way of saying thank you to everybody before I move on.” This will be the British crooner’s first trek across the US in seventeen years!"

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Terça-feira, 25 de Março de 2008
George Michael prepara digressão nos E.U.A.

"Por Bob Tourtellotte


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - George Michael decidiu apostar em seus fãs norte-americanos. O cantor pop britânico anunciou na segunda-feira os planos para sua primeira turnê em 17 anos nos Estados Unidos e Canadá, a partir de 17 de Junho na Sports Arena de San Diego.

A turnê está prevista para ter 17 apresentações e terminar em 3 de Agosto no BankAtlantic Center de Fort Lauderdale, Flórida.

Os ingressos para a turnê, intitulada "25 Live", estarão à venda a partir de 6 de Abril. Os membros dos fã-clubes de George Michael poderão comprar suas entradas uma semana antes. O site Ticketmaster no momento cita apenas um show, o de 7 de julho em Saint Paul, Minnesota, onde os ingressos mais caros custarão 175 dólares.

Embora sua popularidade internacional continue grande, George Michael vem perdendo força nos EUA nos últimos dez anos. Mas seu último álbum, "Patience" (2004), conseguiu chegar à 12a posição nas paradas, graças ao comparecimento do cantor ao "Oprah Winfrey Show".

Michael, 44 anos, ficou famoso no início dos anos 1980 como parte da dupla Wham!. Sua popularidade cresceu em 1987 com o lançamento de seu primeiro trabalho solo, "Faith", que já vendeu mais de 10 milhões de cópias nos EUA. O álbum incluía os singles de sucesso "Father Figure" e "I Want Your Sex Parts 1 & 2", além da faixa-título.

Seus trabalhos subsequentes não tiveram êxito igual, e a carreira de Michael patinou no início dos anos 1990, quando ele moveu uma ação contra a Sony para eximir-se de seu contrato com a gravadora, mas não o conseguiu.

Em 1998, ele foi preso por comportamento obsceno em Beverly Hills. Depois disso, assumiu sua homossexualidade publicamente.

A parte européia da turnê "Live 25" o levou a 12 países, onde fez 80 apresentações diante de cerca de 1,3 milhão de fãs, segundo comunicado à imprensa.

A turnê norte-americana será usada para promover um CD duplo com seus maiores sucessos, o segundo em sua carreira. "Twenty-five" tem lançamento nos EUA previsto para 10 de Abril, dez anos depois de Michael ter lançado o álbum de retrospectiva "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael". "


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George Michael - Site oficial - 25 Live USA


"LONDRES, 25 MAR (ANSA) - O cantor britânico George Michael anunciou hoje que irá realizar uma turnê pelos Estados Unidos e pelo Canadá após uma ausência de 17 anos.
    Michael, de 44 anos, começará a turnê em San Diego, onde irá se apresentar no dia 17 de Junho, e o último show acontecerá na cidade de Sunrise, na Flórida, no dia 3 de Agosto.
    Na turnê, o ex-vocalista do Wham, de 43 anos, irá se apresentar em Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Nova York, Boston, Toronto e Montreal.
    A turnê internacional 25 Live faz parte do lançamento do seu novo disco, a coletânea "Twenty Five", que comemora 25 anos da sua carreira. Esse álbum será lançado nos EUA em 1 de abril.
    Michael também aceitou atuar na série norte-americana "Eli Stone", protagonizada por Jonny Lee Miller, ex-marido de Angelina Jolie. (ANSA) "


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Domingo, 23 de Março de 2008
George Michael Has Faith in 'Eli Stone'

It's been 12 years since his last American Top 40 hit — and a decade since he began making headlines for his increasingly troubled personal life — but George Michael is making a quietly endearing comeback stateside thanks to his offbeat appearances on ABC's legal dramedy Eli Stone. Since popping up as a singing vision to Stone's titular lawyer-prophet in the pilot, Michael has become the show's patron saint of sorts, lending his best-known hits (''Faith,'' ''Freedom 90'') to the series' trademark production numbers. ''He's the muse,'' says Stone co-creator Marc Guggenheim. ''George was part of the show from the very inception. No one else had the combination of name recognition, association with the '80s, and songs that fit the tone and the spirit of the show. We never thought that George would be interested in appearing more than once. We got really lucky.'' So lucky, in fact, that the pop star is now set to take on a rare speaking role in next Thursday's episode — although the part wasn't too demanding: Michael (who has skewered his image before on shows like Extras) plays himself when he testifies on behalf of a local high school girl who is punished for playing ''I Want Your Sex'' over the loudspeaker during an abstinence-education rally. And this won't be Michael's last time on the show. ''I don't want to spoil anything,'' says Guggenheim, ''but I will tell you that in the final episode, Eli asks him if he's God.'' (Funny, we used to wonder the same thing back in high school.) Michael called EW from his home in England to chat about his work on the show.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you first get involved with Eli Stone?
GEORGE MICHAEL: Apparently, when this was originally presented to [my agents], they said that I wouldn't be interested. Which is strange, because when it was offered to me, I thought, ''Yeah, that's gonna be fun.''

You were okay with being portrayed as a star of the '80s?
It's very flattering. The fact that I've not been present in America for so long makes me a novel choice. I'm cool with it because I only have to deal with it in America. I'm not a novelty act from the '80s in most parts of the world. And it's a very charming show. It's genuinely funny and genuinely sad.

And you're actually going to act in the next episode. What was that like?
The first day was a bit of a nightmare, because I did say to the director, ''Do me a favor. On my first day, please don't try to ease me in with three- or four-word lines.'' And sure enough, the first day, my first sentence was like three words long [laughs]. I could feel there was genuine panic going on among [the crew] because people were thinking, ''Oh no! He's not going to be able to do it!'' And then the second day, the minute they gave me a monologue, I was comfortable.

Do you think you'll do this again?
I really have no plans for any kind of career in TV or anything, but if I wanted to become good at it, I could. But I don't really think it's in the cards.

But you had a good time doing it?
Yeah, it was great. And it was really flattering that they had enough confidence in me to write an episode for me actually acting. So many people in my position have done it so badly!

Did you have any input into your lines?
They were very flexible. They allowed me to change my dialogue to stuff I would really say rather than something completely scripted.

So clearly this wasn't just an acting gig to you.
No. I thought, if you're going to do something that's so visible and take a chance that you might be absolutely crap, then you should at least have the opportunity to think, ''Well, there was a good reason to do it.''

Did you worry that you were going to be crap?
Oh yeah. And actually, when they came over to show me the initial cut, I had to watch it from the other end of the room because I really couldn't bear it. I don't have joy in watching myself, whereas, actually, I quite like listening to my own music."

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Domingo, 16 de Março de 2008
Lançamento nos E.U.A. do CD 25

"Nearly 18 months after it's worldwide release, "25", a career spanning retrospective from George Michael is getting a belated U.S. release April 1 via Epic. The two-CD collection contains all of Michael's biggest hits from the early Wham singles to his latest solo efforts. The package also contains six new tracks: "An Easier Affair", "This Is Not Real Love", "Heal The Pain" (duet with Paul McCartney), "Understand", a Nina Simone cover "Feeling Good", and "As" (featuring Mary J. Blige), a song never released in the U.S. A separate "25" DVD collection featuring 40 videos also arrives 4/1. A U.S. summer tour is expected."

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Terça-feira, 4 de Março de 2008
Um pouco de história

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Segunda-feira, 3 de Março de 2008
Bom apetite


"Maybe it's because of his cameos in the ABC series Eli Stone, but singer George Michael was eating oh-so-healthy during his most recent Dallas sojourn.

The "Faith" singer had a salad dinner during a Wednesday-evening visit to Stephan Pyles Restaurant with his Dallas life partner Kenny Goss.

On its new dramedy, ABC has made George something of a TV icon by having the show's lead character, power lawyer Eli Stone, see angelic visions of Mr. Michael singing (most notably while Eli is in bed with co-star Natasha Henstridge. (... Dr. Freud, paging Dr. Freud ...)"


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Sábado, 1 de Março de 2008
Bolsa de estudo

"George Michael and Kenny Goss want to give you $5,000. If, that is, you're a "high school graduating seniors interested in pursuing a college education in music or visual arts." Today, the men behind the Goss-Michael Foundation announced their arts scholarship, which kiddos must apply toward their college tuition -- and it's open only to Dallas-Fort Worth high school students. Better still, the winner -- or winners -- will have "one piece of art framed and displayed in the director’s office at The Goss-Michael Foundation and will be featured on the Foundation website and monthly newsletter."


Incidentally, this scholarship is in addition to George Michael's, which he offers each year to a graduating music senior of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. So, for those so interested -- or their parents -- the full announcement and submission guidelines for both scholarships are after the jump."


in  Dallas Observer

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