Sábado, 30 de Junho de 2007
George Michael vai escrever um livro
George Michael vai escrever um livro


O cantor George Michael nunca foi de dar entrevistas sobre a vida pessoal. Agora o pop star quer mudar isso e, segundo o jornal Daily Mirror, vai escrever um livro.

Nas páginas da obra, estarão as principais passagens da vida do cantor, sem deixar passar os episódios polêmicos com os quais ele se envolveu. Segundo a publicação, não ficarão de fora fatos como sua prisão por dirigir alterado este ano e o flagrante em cenas eróticas com outro homem em um banheiro público em 1998.

A carreira musical de George Michael também será abordada no livro, que deverá ser escrito por Rob Jovanovich. O cantor vai lembrar desde o tempo da banda adolescente Wham! até os sucessos dos dias de hoje.



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Domingo, 24 de Junho de 2007
George Michael - This is not real love




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Domingo, 17 de Junho de 2007
George Michael não é levado...

British pop star George Michael believes he hasn't been taken seriously in the U.S. since his 1998 arrest for lewd conduct. The former Wham! star was arrested for "engaging in a lewd act" with an undercover police officer in a Beverly Hills, California public toilet in April 1998. His popularity in the U.S. plummeted in 2002 when he criticised the relationship between their President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair in his controversial song Shoot The Dog. And Michael admits his legal action with former record label Sony in 1993, in addition to his recent arrests of dangerous driving, haven't helped his image either. He says, "I've actually been a bit of a laughable name since the early nineties. Since I took on Sony, everything went wrong there. From that point on, I didn't have the radio and I had some pretty bad publicity. "The publicity in the last 18 months hasn't helped, and so I think I'm a bit of a joke. But it didn't really bother me anyway."






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Sexta-feira, 15 de Junho de 2007
George Michael

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George Michael está furioso

Pop star GEORGE MICHAEL is furious with Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for releasing his alleged stalker. Fan Lucy Nowak was arrested in 2004 for breaking into Michael's north London home. When she appeared in court to answer charges of harassment and criminal damage, Michael pleaded to the jury to offer Nowak mental health care instead of sending her to jail. Despite Michael's plea for Nowak to stay out of jail, he is unimpressed with her punishment and does not feel safe from her. He says, "In the last year and a half, I've had the CPS release a stalker who basically was sending me death threats and breaking into my houses. "She broke into my house on seven occasions. Once she was living there for a week without me knowing. She's smashed windows. She's stolen money. She wore my clothes. I've seen her in my clothes on the street. "The police arrested her on two occasions and put her in a cell, and on both occasion the CPS let her go. "At the time, I didn't want to make too much noise about it. But she was very ill and I should know I am safe from someone like that who's sending me notes about Mark Chapman (Lennon's killer) and John Lennon. It's terrifying. I have to have locks put on windows and things like that, but the CPS didn't see fit to make me safe from her."

15/06/2007 13:02



IN http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/george%20michaels%20anger%20over%20stalker%20release_1034252

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Quinta-feira, 14 de Junho de 2007
George Michael - A mãe sabia

British singer GEORGE MICHAEL was frightened to tell his mother he was homosexual - as she was afraid it was a disease. The Outside star admits his mother Lesley - who died in 1997 - refused to let him interact with a local gay waiter while growing up in case he suffered the same fate of her brother - Michael's uncle - who committed suicide. He tells British magazine Gay Times, "My mother had this fear of me being gay. She had this definite fear that I was going to be like her brother - she thought that it meant I wouldn't cope with life. She almost felt like she had brought this gene. "There was this gay waiter who lived above our family restaurant and I wasn't allowed to go to the top flat when he was in the restaurant. You know, in case I caught something. In case I caught gay. I also now realise she was afraid that if the 'gene' was in me it would turn out the same way for me as it had for (my late uncle) Colin. My mother didn't talk about her brother until I was 16. I don't know if that was a decision on her part or whether she just plucked up the courage. "It changed my opinion of her entirely because it wasn't just that - she's also seen her own father die the same way. They'd both put their heads in the gas oven. And, lucky old Mum, she found both of them." But Michael insists the experience brought mother and son closer together in the end: "She spent years being so remorseful that it's impossible to hold that time against her. And in the last 20 years of her life, I don't think we had a cross world actually.'


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Domingo, 10 de Junho de 2007
Wembley 9 de Junho 2007

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Sábado, 9 de Junho de 2007
George Michael e Wembley

George Michael has become the first singer to play at the new Wembley - to a 90,000 sell-out crowd.

Michael, 43, who also performed at the old stadium, delighted fans as he took to the stage.

Singer makes musical history

The singer was fresh from an appearance at nearby Brent Magistrates Court, where he was banned from driving for two years.

He was also sentenced to 100 hours' community service for driving while unfit, after being found slumped at the wheel of his Mercedes in October last year.

As he left court, Michael said: "I am glad to put this behind me and now I'm off to do the biggest show of my life."

At Wembley, the star spoke to reporters minutes before going on stage to make musical history.

He said: "It's an amazing honour because I have felt a huge association with Wembley from when I was a child.

"We've got a few surprises, some things fans have not heard for a while. People can expect one of the best shows they have ever seen."

Asked how the events in court had affected his preparations, he replied: "Not at all, not in the slightest. It's just nice to have it out of the way."

The star kicked off his European tour last month with a sell-out concert at the Aarhus Stadium in Denmark.

The UK leg of his 25 Live 2007 Stadium Tour will also take in Manchester, Glasgow, Plymouth and Norwich.

Michael is also visiting France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Holland and Hungary.



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A condenação de George Michael


Londres, 8 jun (EFE).- O cantor inglês George Michael foi condenado hoje a cem horas de trabalho comunitário por ter sido pego dirigindo sem condições, decidiu hoje o tribunal de Brent, no norte de Londres.

Segundo a corte, George Michael terá que cumprir a pena nos próximos 12 meses. Além disso, ficará sem dirigir pelos próximos dois anos, informaram hoje fontes judiciais.

Em maio, no mesmo tribunal, o cantor de origem grega havia se declarado culpado de dirigir sob o efeito de drogas.

Hoje, diante da juíza Katherine Marshall, George Michael disse que se sentia "envergonhado" por ter posto em perigo a vida de outras pessoas.

Depois de deixar o tribunal, o cantor disse que prestaria serviços comunitários por ter dirigido cansado e sob o efeito de drogas de prescrição médica.

"Estou contente por deixar isto (o processo legal) para trás.

Agora vou oferecer o maior espetáculo da minha vida", acrescentou George Michael, que este fim de semana se apresentará no estádio de Wembley.

O cantor inglês, de 43 anos, foi detido em 1º de outubro passado, no norte de Londres, depois que a Polícia o encontrou desmaiado sobre o volante de seu automóvel em um sinal do bairro de Cricklewood.

Policiais foram alertados por motoristas que reclamavam de um veículo que estava atrapalhando o trânsito.

Depois de ter feito exames em um hospital, o ex-vocalista do Wham", foi indiciado por posse de entorpecentes. EFE vg sc


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Terça-feira, 5 de Junho de 2007
O casamento de George Michael

"George Michael reveals his wedding plans, and we take a look at why, despite his recent troubles, he’s still a sell-out performer"




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